Case Study: Brand Photography in Bristol | Playground Coffee House

Professional Brand Photography in Bristol for Playground Coffee House by Visuable

Coffee | Games | Swings 

Lidia was fantastic, took amazing pictures, enabled awesome video content and then helped me create a website that I can go back and edit as often as I need. Couldn’t ask for more!
— Fabian Dryden, owner at Playground Coffee House

The Playground Coffee House is a very special place for me. It's where I usually meet with my friends for catch ups over a coffee on the weekend, where I bring my business friends throughout the week to collaborate, brainstorm ideas or simply chat business and entrepreneurship but also where I come to work on my photos, websites and online campaigns. Yes, the chances are that if you come to Playground, I will be there!


I was OVER THE MOON when Fabian and Lilly, the owners wanted me to create Photographic Branding for them as I really love their unique brand story! 

After our initial brand discovery interview session which was aimed at understanding more about their business, their goals for this projects and the way they would like to be portrayed in a visual way, my head was full of creative ideas and I could not wait for the day of the shoot!

You must wonder WHY am I so crazy Playground?

Well, there are sooo many reasons that make this little coffee shop so unique and special to me and here are my 5 reasons why I love going there:

1. Fabian, the owner makes the best coffee in BRISTOL!


Seriously, just pop in and get a flat white, you will be amazed! Fabian is passionate about his coffee and very meticulous when it comes to the coffee making process. He will always make sure that each and every cup comes with the very same amount of coffee beans, no less no more but exactly right amount of freshly grinded, speciality coffee beans! Yes, he actually uses a scale to make sure each coffee portion is exactly right if you were to masure in miligrams! Milk is always steamed to perfection, you never ever get an overburned milk (which is the case in so many places I no longer go for coffee!). If you come to Playground with a group, your coffee will not arrive at the same time as Fabian will serve each coffee cup one by one as he makes it, he will not allow his perfect cup to sit on the side of the bar and get cold whilst he is making coffees for the rest of the group. This is something very special!


2. Lilly, made playground a place to have fun!


Lilly, Fabian's girlfriend comes from Greece and in Greece coffee shops are all about board games. Lilly have a collection of 100+ games at Playground, you name it, she's got it! It is so refreshing to have a place where you can go with your friends and play!


3. There are swings at Playground! Yes you can actually swing and drink coffee at the same time! How cool is that?



4. All Playground staff are experienced baristas, passionate about coffee making process and able to use sofisticated equipment to create coffee perfection just for you!


5. Playground cakes are home made FRESH every single evening by Lilly! She also makes great speciality teas which are of course brewed to milisecond perfection!


I could go on with my reasons but I have a feeling that you are already persuaded to visit :)

Did I mention that Fabian & Lilly are absolutelly lovely?


If you are still not convinced, then you must check out this amazing video by very talented Luke Fleming of Mint Flicks who is my video production partner for visual branding projects. Me and Luke worked very closely together to tell Playground's brand story and get more people to discover this amazing place!  

Yes it is me and Lilly playing the game at the very end of this video, we could not resist and had to be part of the story :)

Let us know how we did in the comments below!


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